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 MultiGov Reviews

Read a review of MultiGov in RC Heli Magazine 10/06.
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in RC Heli Magazine 12/06.
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in Model Helicopter World 9/06:
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Review of MultiGov Pro and mixture control setup tips by Tony Chaveiro of Portugal  
Read MultiGov user threads by going
to http://ww.runryder.com and doing a search for "MultiGov".
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 MultiGov Word of Mouth

"From 2006 until today I am using only MultiGov Pro and nothing else... Always people asking me why I did not change the governor and the answer because it is the best gov I used ever in my life :)"
-- Tareq Alsaadi, Dubai, January 2, 2015

"If you need more power at your 3D flight, you need to try MultiGov and feel the difference. No lost rotor head rpm. Perfect."
Alexandre Marconi, So Paulo, Brazil

"I have been flying your new Multi-Gov for a while now, and I am very pleased. The setup is simple, the programmed headspeed matches what I observe in flight, and the governor does a great job maintaining a consistent headspeed. I have used similar products from virtually every major supplier, and the Multi-Gov combines the best features of all of them in a single package--easy setup, light weight, and excellent performance."
-- Carl Bonner, Albuquerque, NM

"Good, easy to use product, fast shipping, and excellent customer support and follow up!"
Shayne Hoecherl, Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

"Extremely easy to setup. Except for my idleup RPM speeds and governor modes, I used all the default settings."
-- Grant Louis, Springfield, MA

"It has been a pleasure using the MultiGov.  It has worked perfectly in my Raptor 50 and [their] personal support and phone calls on the weekend make the product and support second to none.  I will be ordering a second one for the new 90 heli Im going to purchase."
Kenneth Meeks, Bakersfield, CA

"The MultiGov is the easiest governor I have ever programmed. The programming hand held is very easy use and read with the big display. After installing the MultiGov and making small adjustments with both the MultiGov and engine mixture the unit performs very well.  We flew the model and tached the rotor RPM and it held within 5 to 20 RPM. A very good product that is easy to setup with your radio."
Joe Mauriello, Mullica Hill, NJ

"I think it is a superior product to the GV1 -- it is super simple to set up. I have it on my Stratus with OS91SZ Max pumped and a 9254 digital servo and so far just tried the full gov with mostly default settings and it is way faster and smother then the GV1 I took off. So I am one happy guy."
-- Paul Cheung, Woodland Hills, CA

"I've flown it now! Wow, I love this governor Bob, I gotta hand it to you, you did a fantastic job with this product. You couldn't ask for an easier install. Very straight forward and simple, also, very small foot print which aids in finding a place to put it. The setup is straight forward and self explanatory and should someone run into a problem your customer support is second to none.

"I flew with my new MultiGov for the first time this past weekend at a small fun fly I helped organize. I programmed it so that I had the gov set for 1650 in normal mode, 1700 in ST 1 and 1800 in ST2. I'm not used to flying with a gov in normal mode, didn't fit my style to much so I switched it over to rev limiter for normal. It was as simple as plugging in my "control panel" and in 20 seconds I had it switched to rev limiter.

"The governor performed flawlessly in all three modes. I had no hunting or any type of "odd behavior" what so ever. This thing is so darn accurate you might as well just throw your tach away as it's no longer needed (or you could sell it and get another gov for another bird!)! I love it, and I will be buying more of them for my new heli's as well as my sons helis!! Thumbs up Bob, you have a winner!!"
-- John Prator, Austin, TX

"I just want to say thank you to the crew at Aerospire. The MultiGov is without a doubt the best governing system I have used yet.  Even in hard pitch pumping the motor keeps up, and it only has 1.5 gallons through it so far!!!  I can't believe what a difference this governor has made on my flying compared to other more outdated systems.  Great job on a well supported product. Thanks guys."
-- Eric Brandenburg, Milwaukee, WI

"Fantastic governor, very easy set up, works perfectly with the defaults but has every adjustable option you could ever want. Full gov. or over speed limiter on different flight modes is excellent, two governors for the price of one. I can go from super smooth and stable in full gov. mode to all out wild 3D in the over speed limiter mode with a flick of the flight mode switch. Awesome product, great service and fast shipping, I simply couldn't ask for more!!! Thanks Bob for an A1 product."
-- Ross James, Mackay, Queensland, Australia

"Best governor on the market. My Trex is perfect."
-- Gene Mohr, Martinez, GA

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